These are the criteria used to determine the lists for each of the selections on Meet the Passengers:

Passengers: 104
Includes everyone included William Bradford’s List of Mayflower passengers, and includes children born during the voyage and in Plymouth Harbor.

Women: 30
Includes those identified as wives or female children.

Children: 32
Includes the children born during the voyage and in Plymouth Harbor.

Servants: 14
Anyone identified as a servant of another passenger.

Crew members: 8
It is estimated that the Mayflower would have had a crew of about 30.  The includes only those for whom a name is available.

Died the first year: 56
All of those that were recorded to have died on the voyage or within the first year of landing.

Left descendants: 50
Those who left descendants in Plymouth or in Europe.

Returned to Europe: 8
Those who came on the Mayflower and permanently returned to Europe at any point after 1620

All: 108
Everyone included in the lists above.

Key sources:
• Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633
• William Bradford, Of Plimouth Plantation manuscript, List of Mayflower Passengers http://archives.lib.state.ma.us/2452/208249.

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