Edward Winslow

1595 - 1655

Edward Winslow was born in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England in 1595. He married Elizabeth Barker in Leiden in 1618. They sailed on Mayflower with two servants: George Soule and Elias Story, and a little girl Ellen More.

Elizabeth died during the first winter, and Edward married Susanna White, the widow of William White.

Edward was a merchant and valued agent for Plymouth Colony. He made many trips to England for personal and Colony business. He also served as the third governor of Plymouth, beginning in 1633. Edward left Plymouth for London in 1646 and never returned. He died at sea near Hispaniola on May 8, 1655 at age 59, where he was serving as part of Cromwell's expedition to the West Indies.

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Edward Winslow
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