Peregrine White

1620 - 1704

Peregrine White, son of William and Susanna White, was born 4 December 1620 on board Mayflower after the ship anchored off Cape Cod. His cradle still exists in the Pilgrim Hall Museum. Peregrine died in Marshfield, Massachusetts, on 20 July 1704 at 83 years of age. His obituary from the Boston Newsletter of 31 July 1704 read: "Marshfield, July, 22 Capt. Peregrine White of this town, Aged Eighty three years, and Eight Months; died the 20th Instant. He was vigorous and of a comly Aspect to the last; Was the Son of Mr. William White and Susanna his Wife; born on board the Mayflower, Capt. Jones Commander, in Cape Cod Harbour [...]. Altho’ he was in the former part of his Life extravagant; yet was much Reform’d in his last years; and died hopefully.”

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